Jugging tasks and goals

Hi there, hope your week is off to a great start!

One thing I want to get down on paper is the idea of juggling tasks, and higher-level, strategic thinking about my life and the projects I work on. I’m sure that you have (what feels like) a million things that you are juggling between your personal life, career, and the fun things you like to do.

Tasks vs Goals

For the purpose of this post, I’ve divided to-dos into two categories: tasks, and goals. Tasks are the more day-to-day items, from walking the dog to fixing a code bug.
Goals are higher-level: anything from

What will fixing these bugs lead to?


Where do I want to be personally and professionally?

Specifically for projects that I work on — I have to really be purposeful about focusing on one project and pulling it through all the way.

So, how do I keep everything together?

For me, I write down a backlog of all the menial tasks that I need to get done, and save the higher-level thinking for when I first wake up (after my first cup of coffee, of course). My personal life tends to get attention when I’m driving to/from work (thanks to that commute). By no means is this easy! I’m still fine-tuning my work strategy, and things certainly don’t go my way every day.

What do you do?

What do you do to balance tasks and thinking about projects and personal development on a higher level?

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