OMSCS – Embedded Computing Optimization

I just finished up a course called Embedded Computing Optimizations with the OMSCS program at Georgia Tech, and it was extremely interesting, because it’s a topic that I don’t have too much hands-on experience with. I’ve come into Computer Science starting from high-level languages like Ruby, so diving deep into embedded concepts, such as the the optimizations that come with using different architectures based on Continue reading “OMSCS – Embedded Computing Optimization”

Where do you want to end up?

As we go through our lives, we are *hopefully* gauging where we are verses where we want to be. Someone once told me that going through life is like being a pilot flying from one location to another: though there may be deviations off the normal flight path and storms along the way, Continue reading “Where do you want to end up?”

Finding a mentor

Many of us are constantly looking at how we can grow in our lives and careers. Finding advice while progressing towards your goals is fantastic, and a great way to get some outside perspective. When looking for this type of advice, we look for it from mentors.

Mentor (noun)
  1. an experienced and trusted adviser.

I’ve seen the idea of mentorship/mentoring thrown around a lot, mostly those new to a particular field. However, I see it often in the Continue reading “Finding a mentor”