Where do you want to end up?

As we go through our lives, we are *hopefully* gauging where we are verses where we want to be. Someone once told me that going through life is like being a pilot flying from one location to another: though there may be deviations off the normal flight path and storms along the way, you know where you are trying to get to. You can course correct when you get too far off the path.

This idea has really stuck with me – I can see where I am and what I want now, and I can see where I want to be in the future, but there are many deviations off the direct path that I want to take in between.

The most important actions, to me, are:

  • think about your long term priorities
  • be aware of your immediate priorities
  • understand that there will be course corrections along the way.

I will be the first to admit I’ve made mistakes (and I’ve made some big ones). However, knowing where I want to be in the long run allows me to look at the larger picture when I make mistakes. To be okay when I make mistakes or go off course, because I know I’m going in the general direction I need to be going in.

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