OMSCS – Embedded Computing Optimization

I just finished up a course called Embedded Computing Optimizations with the OMSCS program at Georgia Tech, and it was extremely interesting, because it’s a topic that I don’t have too much hands-on experience with. I’ve come into Computer Science starting from high-level languages like Ruby, so diving deep into embedded concepts, such as the the optimizations that come with using different architectures based on the use case, has been enlightening for me. I especially enjoyed the second half of the course, which focused more on the optimizations that come with different approaches. Overall, I’m looking forward to taking more courses that involved embedded concepts.

In addition to the coursework, there was a project that involved a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. I had one lingering on my desk, so it was great to be able to put it to work. While it seemed like we could have done some more in depth things on the Pi, I did get an introduction to things that I could utilize my Pi for. My next project with it will involved playing around with a music-oriented project.

But, back to the course. If you are interested, here’s the link to an overview of the course topics:

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